About Us

Our Story

We founded Copper Canoe Woman with you in mind and our ancestral roots in mind. We sought to create beautiful jewelry that tells a story: our story.

At Copper Canoe Woman, we do not just create jewelry for the sake of creating it. We create pieces deeply interconnected with our respective cultures. It is important to us that we create pieces from stories and teachings that we have the inherent right to.

 Our Philosophy

We choose every day to honor the earth, and we showcase this through our designs. One of our core beliefs is that we are part of the earth and the earth is part of us.


When you understand your interconnection with the animals and land, you understand the role you serve within the ecosystem. We create pieces inspired by the world around us. They bring awareness to the beauty of the natural world and our inherent responsibility to preserve and protect it.

"Our hope is that our pieces inspire and empower you to be your full self." - Vina Brown


Our Partner Brands