Meet The Team

Meet Our Team

At Copper Canoe Woman, we’re proud to present our team of the Indigenous artisans and support staff that make our brand possible.

Vina Brown

Founder; Designer

Vina Brown is Nuučaan̓uɫ and Haíłzaqv, so her art reflects that. As a mother, trauma informed yoga teacher, and a full-time artist, Vina exudes a deep understanding of the world around her. Originally a beader, Vina follows the words of her Grandmother and adapts to materials as the world expands. Outside of work, she’s traveling between homelands, spending time raising her tiny human, and thinking through the next collection.

Michael Schjang Jr.

Digital Craftsman

Michael Schjang Jr. is Hopi from Shungopavi Arizona, and a full time artist bringing a southwest Pueblo style of art to our collective. He’s deeply caring and exudes a calm but uplifting energy to the people around him. As our resident coffee maker, he’s always serving the people around him – even when he could totally let us fend for ourselves. Outside of that, he’s our Production Manager and primary laser operator. When he’s not in the building, he’s playing basketball and loving on his family.

Samantha Wilson

Operations Manager

Samantha acts as our Operations Manager and is always keeping things upbeat and on schedule. We absolutely love the energy she brings to all of our lives! When she’s not at work, you can find Sam spending time with her family, cuddled in bed with tea and a book, or out being boujee with the girls. She is proudly Lhaq’temish and loves her land and people with pride.

Jeremiah Holt

Inventory Manager

Jeremiah is our resident Inventory Manager and mermaid-on-land! He brings impeccable attention to detail, efficiency within the team, and some perfectly snarky jokes. Outside of work he loves catching up with friends and his gaming family and contemplating art projects to finish.

Kristen Hopkins

Shipping Specialist

Kristen is our in-house Shipping Specialist, wrapping your jewelry in pretty tissue and making sure everything arrives safe and on-time! She enters the building with a shining smile that brightens even the rainiest days and we love to see it. Outside of work, she’s raising tiny humans, teaching tiny humans, and loving on her family.

Anna Leigh Brady

Wholesale Specialist

Anna Leigh is our Wholesale Specialist and handles the really big orders with grace and ease, popping in and out of the building as needed. When she’s not here, you can catch her hanging out with family and managing the Lummi Fitness Center! She is a proud member of the Hidatsa, Arikara, and Mandan Tribes, a fitness and movement advocate, and overall Indigenous wellness community leader.

Elyssa Cartier

Production Assistant

Elyssa is our Production Assistant and Marketing nerd. Regularly running around with a phone and a camera to bring the magic of Copper Canoe Woman to the masses. Outside of work she enjoys making art, hanging with family, and eating cheese when she shouldn’t. She is a descendant of Sicangu, Santee, and Anishinaabe Tribes.