About Vina

Haíłzaqv and Nuučaan̓uɫ.

Mother. Beader. Weaver. Scholar.

Yáu I’m Vina Brown, owner and artist at Copper Canoe Woman Creations.

My ancestral Haíłzaqvḷa name is ƛ̓áqvas gḷ́w̓aqs, which roughly translates to Copper Canoe Woman.

  • I create modern, on-trend, Indigenous jewelry that’s infused with elements of my coastal Indigenous culture and identity. I design pieces I want to wear, big statement pieces with a deep connection to ancestral strength and elegance.

  • I’m inspired by the natural realm, living in the present time, and constantly choosing every day to honor the Earth. Always, I am also inspired by my family and from within my culture. I come from weavers and beaders, through both my Haíłzaqv and Nuučaan̓uł families. We have a history of loving beauty and wearing our culture on ourselves that stretches beyond linear timelines.

“I remember watching my Granny Elsie weave for hours. She would sit in her rocking chair with sports on the radio or television. We would be playing on the floor beside her. I remember feeling at ease, at peace, and very content in those moments. I did not know it at the time but she was transferring knowledge, an experience with me. This is how we learned traditionally: by observing. Oftentimes, she would give me strips of cedar to weave with and make mats. These are some of the best memories of my childhood.” 

_ Vina Brown