The Beauty Behind The “Spirit Moon” Shoot

The Beauty Behind The “Spirit Moon” Shoot

About working with Bella Boutique & Consignment

Behind every massive photoshoot is a hardworking, team of bad*** humans. Ours just so happened to be fully BIPOC women-led and something about that is extra beautiful. And in an industry run predominantly by White men and women, the power of working with all BIPOC women is something hard to find words for.

One of the powerhouses that we absolutely couldn’t have gone without was the duo at Bella Boutique & Consignment. Every. Single. Look. was chosen from their Ferndale location and DAMN do they have the goods. Pretty sure half the team walked away buying something from the session.

They’re hosted a Grand Opening for their second location in Blaine, WA recently (address below) and we’d love for you to show up and support them. Not only do they carry gorgeous women’s fashion but they also have goods for the guys we all bring shopping, too!

Let’s all give a huge shout out to Bella Boutique & Consignment for bringing the looks behind the earrings to life! Giaisixa

More About The Store

Bella Boutique & Consignment is a Family-Owned business.

Enthusiastically led by Martha and Fanni, they take pleasure in presenting a curated assortment of new garments alongside pre-loved clothing, accessories, handbags, and small home décor.

Bella proudly showcases gently pre-owned merchandise for juniors, men, and women alike. Our boutique segment is dedicated to contemporary trends for women.

The mission at Bella Boutique & Consignment is to provide budget-friendly attire without compromising quality, all while ensuring an exceptional shopping experience for our customers.

The address for the new store is 625 Peace Portal Drive, Blaine, WA 98230. So please be sure to drop by and show your support! They’ve got something for everyone.

More About the Jewelry

The Spirit Box Earring & Necklace Set:

Spirit Box necklace lays on a cedar treeThe Spirit Box earrings hanging from a cedar branchWoman on bridge wearing Spirit Box necklace and earrings

Introducing the Spirit Box Earrings and Necklace Set, where tradition and artistry converge to evoke a sense of timeless elegance and cultural significance. Inspired by the profound meaning and symbolism of our traditional bentwood boxes, which have long served as revered vessels of our wealth, treasures, and ceremonial treasures.

By entrusting our sacred items to these magnificent boxes, we have preserved their spiritual and ceremonial potency over generations. Today, our ceremonial treasures remain enshrined, covered, and carefully stored, a testament to their enduring importance.

This exquisite collection draws inspiration from the revered 'spirit moon' which occurs in the height of winter, infusing the designs with a deep spiritual resonance and cultural significance. Each piece resonates with the artistry and aesthetic significance of our cultural heritage, transformed into wearable art that pays homage to our traditions.

From the captivating symbolism of the bentwood box to the intricate artistry infused into every element of this set, the Spirit Box Earrings and Necklace are a celebration of artisanal beauty and cultural pride. Embrace these pieces as a symbol of timeless elegance and the enduring legacy of our traditions, and wear them with pride as a tribute to the rich tapestry of our heritage.

The Healing Hearts Earrings:

Woman wears Healing Heart earrings in the woods

Art is our medicine, it is the conduit of releasing and processing pain and hardship. This pair is super personal and reflects deep inner wounds, and it required Vina to be vulnerable to get this design out.  Recently, on a dark night of the soul, she realized she had a lot of shadow work to do on her healing journey. It is interesting how our relationships with others can teach us about our hidden wounds and the shame attached to them. Some of us were taught from a young age to be "tough and strong." Vina was taught to be a warrior, a soldier of sorts. She was taught that the world was cold and hard, and that she needed to be ready for it. So she pushed her vulnerability down and continued to move forward with life.

As we all know, eventually our hurt and pain catches up to us, or maybe it never leaves us and we just found clever ways to ignore and suppress it. That pain always finds a way to show itself, to come out and create more chaos and more pain. Then we are stuck in a cycle, until we are ready to confront those dark parts of ourselves, until we are brave enough to say enough. Or maybe we get tired of running and trying to hide, maybe it is a mix of both. Regardless, we find a way to lovingly and with compassion shine light onto parts of ourselves that we tried to cover up for years.

Healing Heart earrings on white background

Part of Vina's healing journey is recognizing that art is her medicine and sometimes she needs to let her art be her tears, the our expression of our suffering. You know that saying “wear your heart on your sleeve,” well these are the earring version of that saying. We aren’t hiding ourselves any more, we are expressing ourselves, crying to heal and to let go, and we aren’t feeling shame anymore. Sometimes something starts out as a triggering painful experience and sometimes we are able to make it through the night and alchemize our pain into art. These earrings evolved from one of those painful nights. To my online CCW community, giaisixa for witnessing my healing journey. This platform has been the greatest gift and evolution. 

Giaisixa to my mentor KC Hall (tag) for supporting me with the formline on this design. I appreciate you.

The Monochrome Majesty Earrings:

Woman wearing obsidian gold Monochrome Majesty earrings Close up of woman wearing Monochrome Majesty earrings

We wanted to create something fun and filled with bougie wanderlust. Is that a thing? Lol. 

Embrace the timeless allure and regal maximalism of the Monochrome Majesty Earrings, inspired by the opulent royalty of Alice in Wonderland. These exquisitely adorned earrings feature captivating formline motifs and the iridescent beauty of abalone shell, available in two elegant variations – one in deep, lustrous black obsidian stardust and the other in a radiant ivory hue. 

Drawing inspiration from regal maximalism, each design captures the essence of understated luxury, with a nod to ornate aesthetics and lavish grandeur. The incorporation of formline motifs adds a touch of tradition and cultural significance to the design, embodying a harmonious blend of heritage and time-honored elegance. The shimmering iridescence of the abalone shell enriches the graceful curves and intricate patterns, making each variation a captivating statement of opulence and refinement. Whether adorning your ensemble with the mystique of black obsidian or the timeless charm of ivory, the Monochrome Majesty Earrings exude sophistication and allure, destined to evoke admiration and awe in a manner befitting Wonderland's regal court.

The Skull Collector Earrings:

Woman wearing Skull Collector earring holding ferns

In Heiltsuk winter ceremonies there are dark deities that teach us about the dance between light and dark energies. These earrings are inspired by the internal struggle we all experience with balance. And are designed with ancient ancestral hand patterns.

Skulls and hand motifs are cross-cultural symbols that represent different emotions and concepts within many communities around the world. These hands are holding skulls to tell a story of dancing between light and dark, and between our reality and the supernatural world. They are dark and edgy to depict the balance we all so desperately crave in our hearts and minds. 

These represent the dark-side of ourselves and the dance between light and dark. They are for the people that aren’t afraid to illuminate what exists within them —beneath our skin and inside our souls.

An Earring Shoot to Remember

All in all, the earrings tell stunningly deep stories and were elevated by the thoughtful styling of our team and Bella Boutique & Consignment. And despite the cold and rain, we had a joy-filled and powerful day creating magic with a team full of beautiful baddies. We can't wait 'til the next one!
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