Join us for a deeply meaningful launch

Winter is a time for quiet reflection, deep rest, and a reset of our spirits — this collection is a mirror of this embrace of darkness and light.

The pieces include our Skull Collectors, Copper Hands, Healing Hearts, Monochrome Majesties, and the Spirit Box set. Each carries a story of ceremony, reflection, healing, and the power within ourselves.

The Skull Collectors depict the story of dark deities in Heiltsuk winter ceremonies that teach of the dance between darkness and light. They are inspired by the internal struggle we all experience with balance.

The Copper Hands describe the power and healing in the hands of Indigenous women. Throughout Heiltsuk ceremonies, our women use their hands to send loving and powerful energy out to the people and the world.

These hand gestures are rooted in the deep knowing and understanding that women are the connection between matter and spirit.

The Healing Hearts design is deeply personal to Vina’s own journey. She says, “Sometimes something starts out as a triggering, painful experience and sometimes we are able to make it through the night and alchemize our pain into art. These earrings evolved from one of those painful nights.”

The Monochrome Majesty earrings represent opulence and the power in oneself. They were designed to give you both a feeling of absolute boujieness and wanderlust—think Alice in Wonderland. Drawing inspiration from regal maximalism, each design captures the essence of understated luxury.

The Spirit Box, where tradition and artistry converge to evoke a sense of timeless elegance and cultural significance. Inspired by the profound meaning and symbolism of our traditional bentwood boxes, which have long served as revered vessels of our wealth and ceremonial treasures.

If you’re as ready for this collection as we are, raise your powerful hands! Tomorrow is launch day and each batch of earrings is made small and sustainably, so don’t wait for the perfect moment, ‘cause it’s already here babe.

View the Full Collection here!

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