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Hupał Throw Blanket

Hupał Throw Blanket

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I created this design to pay homage to my late Granny Elsie Robinson's beautiful teachings. She was conduit to our ancestral knowledge systems and someone that taught me about balance. She would say "the moon is female and the sun is male, and we have both in us. Men need to recognize they have feminine energy and women need to recognize they have masculine energy. We are made from the two." I really believe she was describing what we refer to as the gender spectrum, also I see it as a way of describing gender fluidity. I believe our ancestors understood the fluidity of gender and were more conscious that there was a sacred balance. This design depicts that spectrum between night and day, masculine and feminine, and all the infinite space in between.

I have always wanted to have a blanket with one of my designs on it, so this is a truly a dream come true to share art with you in this way.

  • Size: 56 x 48 inch
  • Material: 100% organic cotton

Loom woven in the USA

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