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Potlatch Floral

Potlatch Floral

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A modern twist of ancestral art in the form of Potlatch Floral earrings is here, featuring abalone buttons surrounding medallions of different shapes and materials. With each piece placed thoughtfully on engraved cedar flowers finished with beeswax.

The thought and process behind the Potlatch Floral earring has undergone years of care and understanding of the generations of variations before them. Be that blankets, vests, hats, and more, meet the next evolution: jewelry.

As we move forward as Native people, our culture does as well. We wear buttons on our blankets, vests, aprons, leggings, hats, tunics, and more. Now let's wear them on our ears. Abalone buttons for me represent change and adaptation. We didn't traditionally use buttons, but we always used shells as adornments. It showcases the ingenuity and creativity of our ancestors to elevate materials that were introduced. We 'indigenized' everything and still do. We're still here, making art using resources we have access to. That's how the Potlatch Floral was born.

When Vina first envisioned the design it was sometime between 2017-2019 and it started with wool, felt, and buttons to emulate a floral button blanket design. She wanted to bring it back to highlight a different way to rock abalone, or akoya, buttons.

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