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Protector Shield

Protector Shield

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Protection from North, East, South to West.
The Protector Shield is a Hopi motif created by Mike Schjang, a member of the Bear Clan from the village of Shungopavi, Second Mesa. This design is widely embraced in Hopi art and among other Indigenous tribes across Turtle Island. This earring symbolizes Protection and Shielding from negative energy, and wearing them provides defense from the chaos in the world. We bring them to you acknowledging the need to protect our spirit and maintain hope during these times.

Size: 2.5 inch length (with hook), 1.5 inch width
Material: mirror or opaque acrylic
Hardware: gold or silver plated brass (nickel free)

The Protector Shield is part of our sustainability initiative. As part of creating the Nala Hoop design, the inside circle would be waste product. By creating designs like the Protector Shield from this waste material, we commit to ancestral teachings to "waste not."
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